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What To Expect

The initial treatment, lasting about one and a half hours, will provide the acupuncturist with an opportunity to determine the nature of the body's disharmony by careful questioning and observation.

The Watermark, Ivybridge

  • Free Parking (but obtain a ticket)
  • Easy Access (take a lift to level 2)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Library
  • Comfortable Waiting Room

Comfortable Waiting Room at The Watermark, Ivybridge

All initial consulations are extremely thorough and will normally take one and half hours. Extensive notes and observations are made by the acupuncturist.

Diagnosis will include the inspection of the tongue for its' structure, colour and coating, and the pulses are felt for their quality and strength.

View of Room 3, the treatment room at The Watermark, Ivybridge

View of Room 3 and the Car Park at The Watermark, Ivybridge

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